A Visual Feast

January 28, 2005

Culinary connoisseurs in New York City can feast their eyes on the latest work of Amir A. Mughal (BFA 1998 Fine Arts) in three restaurant locations: Odea, Sapa and Public all feature interior work by AAM Design, Mughal’s studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. AAM was involved in nearly every step of the design for the recently opened eateries, and fabricated a range of items such as serving trays, side tables, front doors and light fixtures; for Sapa, the studio crafted a 24-foot-long, solid-wood bar. Images of AAM’s work at all three spots can be seen online at www.odeany.com, www.sapanyc.com and www.public-nyc.com.

Image: AAM Design, the bar at Sapa, 2004.

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