Affordable Art

November 4, 2004

Eleven recent graduates of SVA participated in the AAF Contemporary Art Fair, which gives buyers the opportunity to purchase high-quality original artworks at reasonable prices. The College joined more than 130 galleries participating in the four-day fair, held at Pier 92 on the Hudson River in Manhattan. SVA artists sold 15 pieces over the course of the fair, which ran October 28 – 31.

The College’s Office of Student Galleries selected Adam Bell (MFA 2004 Photography, Video and Related Media); Margarida Correia (MFA 2004 Photography, Video and Related Media); Crackerfarm, comprising Mike Beyer and Lindsey Rome (BFA 2004 Photography); Kira Greene (MFA 2004 Fine Arts); Pamela Hadfield (MFA 2004 Fine Arts); Mary Klie (MFA 2004 Fine Arts); Kurt Lightner (MFA 2004 Fine Arts); Anne Peabody (MFA 2004 Fine Arts); Inbal Sivan (BFA 2004 Photography); and Kazuhito Tanaka (BFA 2004 Photography) to represent the wide range of artwork produced at SVA.

Image: SVA’s booth at the AAF Contemporary Art Fair; photo by Michelle Mercurio.

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