Penn on Point

October 27, 2004

On Monday, October 25, the Film, Video and Animation Department hosted a live Q&A session with Academy Award-winning actor, writer and director Sean Penn. The Visual Arts Amphitheater was packed to capacity with students eager to catch a glimpse of Penn, who won the Best Actor award for his work in Mystic River. Department Chair Reeves Lehmann began by asking Penn questions about his career as a filmmaker, before turning the session over to the students, who sought practical advice from Penn’s experiences and the lessons he’s learned. The actor voiced praise for many of his past collaborators, including Jack Nicholson and Clint Eastwood, and told the students not to be too concerned about the fact that they were just getting started in the business. “Experience has its place,” said Penn, “but it doesn’t hold a candle to talent and passion.”

Image: Sean Penn and Reeves Lehmann; photo by Brian Glaser.

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