Summer in the Studio

August 12, 2004

On Thursday, August 5, the artists in the Division of Continuing Education’s Summer Residency Program opened up their studios and invited the public to see the work created in the program’s intensive environs. Each summer, artists who want to develop new skills and new artwork apply to the program, which provides a studio space along with instruction and critique from expert members of the College’s faculty, as well as from visiting artists and guest lecturers.

This year, 79 artists worked in residencies in painting/mixed media, sculpture/installation and photography, filling studios on the fourth floor of 141 West 21st Street, the sculpture studio at 30 West 17th Street and the 214 East 21st Street photography facilities. Along with the guidance provided by the faculty, the artists also gain from the close proximity to one another; Kristin Tenbroeck, who had both painting and digital photography on display in her studio, says that the biggest surprise for her in the program was the enormous influence of the artists in the studios adjacent to hers. The art on view in the open studios encompassed an array of media that represented the adventurous, focused work of the Summer Residency Program.

Image: Kathleen Callahan’s summer residency studio; photo by Brian Glaser

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