Going Wireless

August 12, 2004

Every year at SVA sees new additions to the campus and curriculum, but this year we’re taking something away: the wires needed to connect to the Internet. Students and faculty can boot up their wireless-ready laptops in any of the seven new Laptop Spots across campus: the 209 East 23rd Street cafeteria; the New Residence student lounge at 215 East 23rd Street; the student lounge at 214 East 21st Street, seventh floor; the Gramercy Women’s Residence lounge at 17 Gramercy Park South; the Solarium in the George Washington Residence, 23 Lexington Avenue; the 133-141 West 21st Street cafeteria; and the new Student Center at 217 East 23rd Street, upon completion.

Each of these spots (outfitted with bright orange Laptop Spots signs and instruction on how to use the wireless network) will provide free wireless Internet access through the College’s network.

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