Digital Darwinism

April 8, 2004

Suzanne Anker, the chair of the Art History Department, is curating the current exhibition at the New York Academy of Sciences, REPROTECH: Building Better Babies? The exhibition features art in a variety of media by Anker and several other artists—including Chrissy Conant (MFA 1992 Computer Art), Mark Kessel (MFA 2000 Photography and Related Media), Steve Miller (BFA Fine Arts faculty) and Joseph Nechvatal (MFA Computer Art faculty)—who explore the impact of technology like test-tube conception and cloning on human reproduction. “In an age of digital Darwinism, reproductive technologies are, to say the least, controversial,” says Anker. “For some people they evoke futuristic fantasies and for others, they represent the fear of science out of sway.” The exhibition is on display at the Academy’s Gallery of Art & Science, 2 East 63rd Street through June 18.

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