Webb Works

March 10, 2004

Joseph O’Sullivan, better known as Spider Webb (1971 Fine Arts) is currently showing a special body of work, The Girls of Nine-Eleven, at Art @ Large, 630 Ninth Avenue, The Film Center Bldg. No. 707, through March 20. He made a name for himself in the 1960s as a tattoo artist and helped legitimize the art with his book PUSHING INK: The Fine Art of Tattooing.

Spider Webb comments, “[On September 11], I did what most of the country did – stayed glued to the television set to see over and over and over again what I had just seen live. To keep my sanity I picked up a pencil and started to sketch – and sketch I did. I sat in the same chair for seven months, seven days a week, eighteen hours a day. This series is a result of those seven months. Never Forget.”

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