Scher Shares

February 6, 2004

The work of design star, Pentagram principal and MFA Design instructor Paula Scher graces the cover and spans nine pages of the current issue of Print magazine. Under the title, “All the News that Fits,” Scher created a diary from January 2001 through August 2003 about the negative tone and tenor of the news. In the introduction she writes, “There is never any negative space in the news. The news always expands to fill its given format. Stories repeat in a background hum to fill dead air. If new stories are new and serious, the hum gets louder and more specific as bigger stories crowd our smaller stories…” She continues the journal entries with items about shark attacks, terror alerts, executions and tax cuts, all run together with a stream of multi-colored pencil.

Image: Paula Scher, Print cover (January/February 2004), Courtesy of Print magazine

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