Bridge in Berlin

February 12, 2004

Reeves Lehmann, chair of the Film, Video and Animation Department, recently attended the Berlin International Film Festival in Germany. While there, he met with Derek Curl (BFA 2000 Film, Video and Animation), co-writer of Mansville, the winner of SVA’s Film BRIDGE (Building Relations Internationally and Developing Global Education) screenplay competition in 2000. Film BRIDGE was created in 1999, partnering SVA with film schools from around the world. Mansville was developed in collaboration with a film school in Tel Aviv, Israel, and was selected as the best screenplay by an international panel of judges. Curl continues to work with Israeli filmmakers, including co-writer Noa Berman-Herzberg, in the development of the project. Lehmann and the screenwriters met with potential financial backers in Berlin (where Curl was the only American featured at the festival’s European Pitch Point screenwriters event) as part of their efforts to bring this Film BRIDGE screenplay to the screen.

Image: © Internationale Filmfestpiele Berlin, 2004.

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