On Sale Now

November 20, 2003

One of the opportunities for students at SVA is the chance to exhibit work in one of the College’s galleries. The exhibition then gets promoted through various vehicles similar to the methods used at professional galleries, but many people may not be aware that the student work seen in all SVA exhibitions is for sale. With the range of work presented in the SVA galleries, there’s a great deal to choose from for the avid collector looking for fresh work or a first-time buyer.

Click here and go to the Eastside, Westside or Visual Arts Gallery pages and click on the student’s name (highlighted in yellow). From there viewers can learn more about the artists, view work, and even initiate a sale. See a sample sales page here. For more information on student artwork, contact Laura Yeffeth at 212.592.2181 or lyeffeth@sva.edu.

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