Art, War and Life

November 14, 2003

Steve Mumford (MFA 1994 Fine Arts) returned to New York on October 19 and just four days later mounted the exhibition, Steve Mumford in Iraq: Drawing from Life. The exhibition is on view at Postmasters Gallery and presents a series of Mumford’s ink drawings and watercolors made “en plein air” during the two trips he has made to Iraq since April 2003. He traveled to Iraq on his own initiative both times, obtained a press pass from an art web site/portal and entered Iraq, via Kuwait, on the day the statue of Saddam Hussein fell. The drawings in the exhibition depict scenes from daily street life in Iraq, military actions and private headquarters of the US soldiers, encounters with Iraqi artists, museums, oil fields, mass-grave excavations and serene countryside. Mumford has also posted several of his diary entries and images from the second trip on the artnet magazine web site. The exhibition at Postmasters, 459 West 19th Street, closes on November 22.

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