L.A. Countdown

October 31, 2003

November 6 is the closing day of the 2003 Wight Biennial in Los Angeles, California. The exhibition includes work by Nicholas Herman, a recent addition to the Office of Museum and Student Galleries. Confronting the lines often drawn between order and disorder, parody and truth, Herman presents a two-part installation made especially for the biennial called Apocryphal Horizons or My Way of the Highway.

The work on view at the biennial was selected from graduate programs around the world and curated by graduate students in the Art and Art History Departments of UCLA. Herman recently graduated from the MFA Fine Arts Department at Yale University and is among 15 artists from 12 arts institutions represented in the fourth Wight Biennial.

Image: Nicholas Herman, Apocryphal Horizons or My Way or the Highway, 2003

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