Celebration Event

October 3, 2003

In celebration of David Rhodes’ 25 years as president of the School of Visual Arts, the College will present the first of two dialogues from the Fine Arts Department, “The Political in Art,” on October 9. The event will consist of a lecture by art critic Arthur Danto and art historian Robert Storr. Arthur Danto, on “Beauty and Politics,” will argue, “art helps us understand the cultures to which it belongs . . . that artistic excellence is connected with what the art is supposed to do, what effect it is intended to have.” Robert Storr, on ” ‘Cause,’ and Effect”: The vexing question politically oriented artists ask themselves and the question addressed to them by those hostile to political art are sometimes the same. What effect, if any, does political art have and how does one measure it?

Following the lecture, there will be a dialogue between the two speakers and then a discussion with the audience. The dialogue will be held at 8pm in the SVA Amphitheater, 209 East 23rd Street. This program has been organized by Jeanne Siegel, Chair of the Fine Arts Department.

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