Shake It Up

September 19, 2003

Seven students from the Interior Design Department have been a part of a bold initiative to design the space for a museum and library within the remains of the North Family Stone Barn, a structure that has stood in a state of ruin for over 30 years. The barn was constructed in 1860 to house the successful dairy industry of the Mount Lebanon Shakers in New Lebanon, New York. In 1972 a fire decimated the barn, leaving only four massive stone walls. In 2000, the Shaker Museum and Library launched the Mount Lebanon Project and collaborated with the Interior Design Department in order to help relocate the largest, most comprehensive collection of Shaker artifacts and archives to the North Family Stone Barn. The design perspectives created by these students are now a part of a touring exhibition called Design as Preservation: The Future of a Shaker Stone Barn. The exhibition is on view through September 29 at the Century Association President’s Gallery, 7 West 43rd Street. It will then move to the World Monument Fund (dates TBA) and finally to the Shaker Museum and Library in Spring 2004.

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