Dumpster Design

September 29, 2003

Every Friday at 11pm on the FX Network, viewers are invited to watch a duo of brothers get trashy with design. Actor/comedian John DiResta and designer, inventor and SVA instructor Jimmy DiResta (BFA 1990 Graphic Design) have joined together to create a show called Trash to Cash where, unlike other popular design shows, this duo recreates a room using items found in the garbage. John DiResta is the wise-cracking host and his younger brother Jimmy DiResta, Fun 4 All Toys vice president, takes whatever money the design-challenged “poor mutt” has in his pocket–along with whatever “trash” they find on curbs, in junkyards, at garage sales–and does extreme decorating. The DiRestas have built a treehouse for a long-divorced husband whose ex-wife finally wanted him out of their residence, and they’ve turned a salvage Cadillac into a crushed-velvet “pimpmobile.”

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