September 11: The Second Anniversary

August 28, 2003

Over the last year, the Art Therapy Department of SVA, September Space and the Art for America (AFA) Benefit joined together with participants deeply affected by the tragedy of September 11, 2001, to reap the healing benefits of art therapy and create a tribute to loved ones in the form of a mural. The 280-tile, 11′ x 6.5′ mural will be unveiled at Chelsea Art Museum, 556 West 22 Street, on September 10 for a three-day exhibition, In Remembrance, Hope and Peace. The project was initiated at a December 2001 West Coast art exhibit and auction organized by AFA’s founder, artist Jocelyn Audette. September Space, a community center located in midtown Manhattan, was born from the volunteer spirit that swept New York City during the 9/11-relief effort. Offering social support, September Space is regarded as a safe space for people feeling ripple effects from the attacks of 9/11. For more information contact the Office of Communication at 212.592.2010.

Image: Detail from Art for America Tile Mural, 2003

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