August 18, 2003

For weeks, the heads of blockbuster music icons have adorned street and subway posters promoting the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA). Now more heads are about to roll into Rockefeller Plaza in the form of a carousel. As is the nature of the “larger than life” projects created by 3D design instructor Kevin O’Callaghan, figures representing past VMA winners from Cyndi Lauper to Beyoncé will be spinning around a whimsical carousel as part of the VMA Experience, from August 23 through August 28. The structures for the carousel were designed and created by O’Callaghan with the assistance of many current students and alumni from the 3D design program.

From September 2 through October 8, Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall will host an exhibition, TV’s for Movie People. In yet another popular effort by O’Callaghan’s talented troops of students and alumni, the artists will create 3D projects revolving around the topic of favorite movie scenes. Each artist will re-design a television set to represent and play their favorite movie scene. For example (see image), O’Callaghan re-created this TV set to represent the popular shower scene from Psycho. There will be approximately 70 pieces in the exhibition with one 10′ by 12′ TV set built to be used as a performance stage and movie theater. The event is sponsored by American Movie Classics (AMC) and School of Visual Arts. Stay tuned to the next issue of the VA Briefs for more details.

Image: Kevin O’Callaghan, Psycho TV, 2003

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