Moon Over Manhattan

July 3, 2003

The beauty and mystery of the skies, as evident in moons, stars, comets and other heavenly bodies, can be found in the most recent exhibition Look Up! Contemplating the Skies at the Gallery of Arts & Sciences, New York Academy of Sciences. Curated by BFA Illustration and Cartooning Department chair Thomas Woodruff, Look Up! brings together 19 paintings, photographs, sculptures and mixed media by 14 contemporary artists who explore the poetry of the universe in its macro and micro manifestations. BFA and MFA illustration faculty members Gregory Crane and Mary Jo Vath as well as alumna Alison Moritsugu (MFA 1991 Illustration as Visual Essay) are included in the exhibition. The Academy Gallery is located at 2 East 63 Street and will show Look Up! through August 29.

Image: Thomas Woodruff, Bunny Bard, 2002

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