VASA Student Government Elections

April 4, 2003

The Visual Arts Student Association’s elections for student government, held on April 1 and 2, were characterized by creative showmanship, complimentary donuts, and mounds of free candy (it seems the students are learning about politics the good ‘ol fashioned American way). In a hotly contested battle between two teams, Children of the Atom and XYZ, the latter came out ahead, winning by a mere 39 votes. XYZ is composed of president Derrick Lee, vice president Bashan Aquart, and treasurer Clinton Boisvert. According to XYZ’s mission statement, “We intend to actively pursue the voice of the student body . . . the unique character of SVA lies in your hands; we are listening.” A record number of students participated in the election, with a total of 629 votes cast.

Image: Voting students brave the heat of a feverish election (4/1/03), by Brian Glaser

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