Something’s Askew

April 11, 2003

In his latest photographic exhibition, And Jeopardize the Integrity of the Hull, fine artist and SVA alumnus Charlie White (BFA 1995 Fine Arts) reflects upon the images portrayed in the “picture” — those wholesome and American ideals that have become a means to express our dreams and desires. He takes these ideal images and alters them, allowing the viewer to see the happy and horrific consequences of inhabiting these landscapes. Each image opens up the human complexities and tensions that exist in the very clichés of representation; some images elicit authentic feelings of desire or sympathy, while others are more confrontational in nature. The exhibition runs through May 10 at the Andrea Rosen Gallery, 525 West 24 Street.

Image: The Persuaders, 2003, light jet Chromogenic print mounted on Plexiglas.

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