Laundry Lesson

April 25, 2003

SVA Student Health Services recently sponsored a group project to help raise awareness of sexual violence. SVA students and staff members decorated T-shirts for The Clothesline Project,
a national organization started in 1990 by a small group of women from Massachusetts. According to Carol A. Chichetto, chair of the national project’s steering committee, “The concept was simple – let each woman tell her own story, in her own unique way, and hang it out for all to see. It was and is a way of airing society’s dirty laundry.” The organization estimates it has now created nearly 50,000 shirts. The shirts created by members of the SVA community are on display through May 2 in the mezzanine of The George Washington Residence, 23 Lexington Avenue. For more information about The Clothesline Project or if you’d like to contribute, please contact Student Health Services at 212.592.2246.

Photo by Brian Glaser

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