Finding the Edge: James Victore Design Graces SVA Poster/Publication

March 28, 2003

When you see the cover of the summer 2003 Continuing Education Bulletin, chances are you’ll look at it again-and maybe a few more times. The striking image that graces the bulletin was created by renowned designer James Victore (he was also a student at SVA and is now an instructor in the Advertising and Graphic Design Department). It was originally commissioned by SVA chairman Silas Rhodes to be one of the College’s storied subway posters (look for it “on the rails” sometime in July). The piece is basically meant to simulate a typical advertising poster that has been “tagged” by multiple graffitists. It percolates with a jumble of typefaces, languages, colors, and seemingly random visual elements like photography and illustration. The jagged, chaotic composition is very deliberate though and forms a rich collage that is, among other things, a valentine to New York City (a “devotional,” according to Mr. Victore), a conceptual prank, and a celebration of the artistic life. To receive the new Continuing Education Bulletin, call 800.366.7820, or visit the SVA Web site; for more on James Victore, visit his Web site,

Image: Continuing Education Bulletin cover (2002), by James Victore

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