Rock Solid

March 21, 2003

Alexis Rockman (BFA Fine Arts, 1985) is presenting some of his new work at Gorney Bravin + Lee Gallery, through April 19. Known for his vibrant use of color and passion for ecology, Mr. Rockman is showing a group of 8 new paintings completed over the past two years. The artwork focuses on the theme of volcanoes and geologic activity. Each image examines an ecosystem that must exist within the context of great power or energy. The images range from the top of a mountain in Hawaii to the bottom of the ocean. When creating artwork with such a scientific scope, Mr. Rockman seeks counsel on the imagery by geologists and other experts. The Gorney Bravin + Lee Gallery is located at 534 West 26 Street.

Image: Mt. Washington (2002), by Alexis Rockman

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