Hear Me Roar: Goddess in the House

March 17, 2003

The Art History Department is presenting a panel of renowned artists and critics who will discuss the multifaceted image of women today. This event, entitled Goddesses, Wonder Women, and Riot Grrls, will feature stimulating discussion and multimedia presentations. Taking its cue from the goddess imagery and themes explored by artists in the 1960s and ’70s–with an emphasis on shamanic, sexual, and mystical tangents–the panel will probe the fundamental changes in feminist ideas of power that have occurred over the past two decades. The panel will be moderated by SVA instructor Shelley Rice and includes proto-riot grrl Kathleen Hanna and feminist body art pioneer Carolee Schneemann. This event promises to be interesting and provocative, and it’s happening March 27 at 7pm, SVA Amphitheater, 209 East 23 Street (3rd floor).

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