Une Belle Femme du Cinema: Juliette Binoche Lights Up SVA

February 7, 2003

Despite the last-minute scheduling, the SVA Amphitheater was packed to the rafters on Thursday evening with students, faculty, and staff eager to catch a glimpse of international film superstar Juliette Binoche. The award-winning actress–star of such memorable films as The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Blue, and The English Patient–was in town only briefly and was generous enough to spend part of her short stay being interviewed by Reeves Lehmann, chair of the Film, Video and Animation Department. Ms. Binoche spoke eloquently of her days as a student of the theater and of her storied career on the big screen. As the audience pressed her for tales of working with such heavyweight directors as Louis Malle and Krzysztof Kieslowski, the luminescent Ms. Binoche (with acting coach and SVA instructor Susan Batson at her side) offered wisdom and insight borne of a lifetime spent in show business. Perhaps most enchanting was her description of the relationship between an actor and director on a film set as “like a dance, a tango.” No doubt the hopeful future directors assembled before Ms. Binoche all dreamed of just such a dance with just such a leading lady.

Image: A beaming Juliette Binoche dazzles the crowd, by Brian Glaser

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