Tumble from Grace

February 28, 2003

SVA alumna Katy Plummer (BFA Fine Arts, 2002) is having an exhibition featuring her video installation, Folks at Home. It’s happening March 1 – 23 at PS122 Gallery, 150 First Avenue in Manhattan. Ms. Plummer, a native of Australia, says the intention of the installation is “to tenderly approach the bathos of a human’s existential predicament; the unexpected tumble away from the longed-for state of grace . . . it dramatizes the relationship between group and individual, performer and audience, and how they are linked by longing.” Also included in the exhibition is a photo installation piece by Ms. Plummer called The Perfect Sleep, which “conceals relational dynamics within the rigid constraints of ballet, and idealizes the human will to perfection.” For more information, visit the gallery’s Web site, www.ps122gallery.org.

Image: too much jam (2001), by Katy Plummer

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