The Lighter Side of Combat

January 24, 2003

Pasta for War, an animated short by Zach Schlappi (MFA Computer Art, 2000) is reviewed this month on the Animation World Network Web site. The review calls it “A mock propaganda film that’s part Leni Riefenstahl and part Chef Boy-Ar-Dee.” Mr. Schleppi is an award-winning lighting director who has been working continuously on animated films since graduating from SVA. Pasta for War has received international recognition and has been shown at the SIGGRAPH 2001 Computer Animation Festival, the 2001 World Animation Celebration Festival, and ResFest 2000. Mr. Schlappi also gained the attention of Blue Sky Studios and worked on the blockbuster animated feature Ice Age as a technical director specializing in lighting and compositing. To learn more about this rising star, visit his Web site,

Image: Still from Pasta for War, by Zach Schlappi

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