A New Vision of Peace

January 17, 2003

Adrienne Leban, artist, writer, activist, and SVA instructor, currently has nine pieces of work on display in the windows of Citibank at 23 Street & Sixth Ave. The work, which will be up for the rest of the month, is from her recently published book, A New Vision for Peace. In the book she includes a series of meditations and mandalas as a source of inspiration in the wake of the events of September 11. At SVA she teaches such courses as “Originality,” “Advertising and Graphic Design for Social Change,” and “Principles of Visual Language.” As an activist she led a successful effort to obtain legal protections for loft dwellers, known as the “Loft Law of 1982”; and she co-founded The City of DIS, a magazine of artists’ social commentary in the 1990s. For more information about Ms. Leban and her work, please visit her Web site www.TheLifeworkStudio.com.

Image: Learn, Create, Evolve (2002), by Adrienne Leban

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