A Juggler of Alphabets

January 17, 2003

Tarek Atrissi (MFA Design, 2003) was named Artist of the Month by the online magazine The Lebanon. Mr. Atrissi, who was born in Beirut, has had his work featured in major design publications in the U.S., Germany, Korea, U.K., Lebanon, and the Netherlands. He is also the founder of www.arabictypography.com, a Web site geared to designers who use Arabic. A piece appearing in Germany’s Novum magazine in December 2002 said this about Mr. Atrissi: “An impressive trademark in graphic design work in Arab countries is the fusion of the Latin and Arab alphabet . . . designers must have an exceptional feeling for typography. Tarek Atrissi is a master of that very art and succeeds in juggling alphabets to create an impressive visual language.” For more information about Mr. Atrissi’s work, visit his Web site, www.atrissi.com.

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