World AIDS Day

December 2, 2002

December 1 is now recognized as A Day Without Art, which coincides with World AIDS Day. This year SVA will be observing the day on December 2. Student Health Services has covered SVA posters in the residence halls and black sheets have been hung to represent art works that could have been created by artists who died of HIV/AIDS in the past year. Also, the sculpture in front of 209 East 23 Street has been covered as a reminder of the artists who the world has lost to HIV/AIDS.

To promote prevention and early treatment for individuals affected by HIV/AIDS, representatives of Student Health Services will be distributing free HIV testing information, along with condoms and red ribbons, all day (December 2) in the lobby of 209 East 23 Street and at the Information Desk at 141 West 21 Street. For more information, call the Office of Health Services at 592.2146.

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