Holiday Windows at Grand Central

December 6, 2002

Students from SVA’s 3D design program, in association with Grand Central Terminal, are currently showing Holiday Windows, featuring whimsical and fantastical snowman characters in store windows and storefronts throughout the landmark station. Holiday Windows will be exhibited at over 20 locations through January 3, 2003. Passersby can vote on their favorite window and have the chance to win a lavish gift basket collectively created by the participating stores. Visitors to the station will be delighted by seasonal visions like a snowman trolley (for the transit museum); a snowman gumball machine in which gumballs come out of a carrot nose; a giant martini glass snowman; a chicken coop snowman filled with eggs; and a sexy snow-person in lingerie. The creative force behind the project is Kevin O’Callaghan, coordinator of the 3D program (and no stranger to successful Grand Central exhibitions); and Richard Wilde, chair of the Advertising and Graphic Design Department.

Image: Gumball Machine for Rite Aid (2002)

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