Telepresently Yours

November 1, 2002

Joseph Nechvatal, Ph.D., “transmedia” artist, philosopher, and instructor in SVA’s MFA Computer Art Department, will conduct an online forum: Viractualism with Joseph Nechvatal, November 1 – 15 at Empyre. Dr. Nechvatal has worked with electronic visual information and robotics since 1986 and embraces the idea of “viractuality,” occasions where the virtual and the actual merge. He served as the Paris editor for Rhizome from 1996 to 2001 and now writes regularly for The THING, NY ARTS, and Zing. Currently he’s teaching a class called “Theories of Virtual Reality.” For more information, visit his web site,

Image: glOssOlalic technOmancer (2001), by Joseph Nechvatal

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