Sunshine to Sundance

November 8, 2002

A little more than a decade ago, flophouses in New York housed nearly 25,000 men living on the margins of society. Today these sanctuaries for the destitute are all but extinct. Filmmaker Michael Dominic (BFA Film, 1994) took his camera behind the doors of one of the few remaining flophouses, the Sunshine Hotel. His film, Sunshine Hotel, depicts a world that has been frozen in time. Residents live in tiny four-by-six-foot cubicles crowned by a ceiling of chicken wire. The film focuses on a motley array of characters, including a garlic addict (25 cloves a day!), a drag queen saving all his money for plastic surgery, and the hotel’s assistant manager who doubles as its resident philosopher. Sunshine Hotel will air on the Sundance Channel throughout the month, including: November 12 at 9:30am and 7:15pm; November 17 at 6:30am; November 22 at 9:00am; and November 25 at 7:00am and 4:30pm. For a complete schedule visit the film’s Web site,

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