Hollywood Does 23rd Street: It’s Raining Stars

September 27, 2002

Actress Anne Heche brought her star power to the SVA Amphitheater on September 26 for a Q&A with Film, Video and Animation Department chair Reeves Lehmann. Ms. Heche, a surprisingly witty and down to earth celebrity, was uncensored and spontaneous. True to form, everything she said radiated expressiveness, which flowed from her face to her hands, her feet, and her hair. The engaging movie star answered questions from Mr. Lehman and the audience, then stayed after the session to take pictures with students and answer more questions. Ms. Heche’s advice to budding filmmakers: Stay true to yourself and your craft. Big money and fame, she said, don’t necessarily add up to good films or work that has integrity.

Image: Anne Heche; Photographed by Tiffany Whitfield

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