Structure of Healing

July 19, 2002

Rebuilding Hope: One Block at a Time, a project sponsored by the Art Therapy Department, is gathering momentum in its efforts to encourage healing throughout New York City. After numerous workshops and events the project has started to garner attention from the press. The workshops have successfully gathered artists, firefighters, schoolchildren, celebrities, and anyone with the desire to pay tribute to those lost on 9/11 by designing a block. Although the Art Therapy Department is actively searching for a permanent home for the thousands of blocks that will have been created, over 300 of them can now be seen as part of the Imagine New York Exhibition open through October 10. Imagine New York, a project developed by the Municipal Arts Society, was created to gather suggestions for ways to replace the World Trade Center Towers. The exhibition is being held at The Urban Center Galleries at 457 Madison Avenue. right: Blocks by artists, Gary Stephan and Betty, “friend of Jean.” left: Block by artist, William Wegman. Photography by George Duncan.

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