Summer Renovations: The Jackhammer’s Sweet Song of Renewal

June 7, 2002

In what is becoming a rite of summer at SVA, the College is undertaking major renovations. The main project this season is the complete rebuilding of the offices of continuing education, the registrar, and financial aid at 209 and 205 East 23 Street. The job is scheduled for completion at the end of August. It’s a major project that involves gut renovation, which includes demolition of the old spaces and the installation of new floors, walls, windows, bathrooms, air conditioning, sprinklers, fire alarms, security systems, network cabling and hardware, and electrical systems.

Nietzsche said he who must be a creator must be an annihilator first, and to build a temple of grand stature one must first be demolished. The gut renovation is truly Nietzschean in its insistence on obliterating the old to make way for the new. The seeds of the glittering new space can be found in the maimed walls, scattered debris, and mangled fixtures of the just completed demolition.

The renovations will result in a more efficient layout for each of the respective administrative offices; they will each have contiguous space, whereas before they were spread out and overlapped with one another in places. The design of the new space is highly functional and is intended to create a comfortable environment that will help expedite and alleviate the administrative tasks of students, faculty, and staff. Visitors to the new offices will, for example, be able transact their business without having to visit multiple areas.

At SVA, unlike other institutions of higher learning, the renovation process-including approvals, planning, and execution-is quite streamlined; an extensive project like the one described above can take no more than five or six months from concept to move-in. It gives SVA the ability to respond rapidly to a changing environment, especially increasing student enrollment and new staff; this is a tremendous competitive advantage and a great boon to the SVA community.

Be sure to watch VA Briefs and SVA-NET for more summer construction updates.

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