SVA Students Make Inkstains

June 7, 2002

In early May the student produced comic book quarterly Inkstains published it’s seventh issue. Distributed on campus and at local comic stores and conventions, the black and white comic book showcases an array of narrative art from illustration, cartooning, graphic design, and fine arts majors. The variety in contributors accounts for the comic book’s amusingly eclectic content. Issue #7 finds equal time for a strip about a young girl’s compassion toward a bloodied pigeon and a retelling of the Prometheus myth that graphically depicts the hero being savaged by an eagle. The quarterly has inadvertently inspired a second comic book anthology; the anime flavored Shoujo Manga (Japanese for “girl’s comics”). Look for both publications on campus now. For further information about Inkstains e-mail

Image: Panel from Inkstains by Sara Varon

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