Spiderman, Spiderman

May 10, 2002

Steve Ditko, co-creator of the Amazing Spiderman comic book character, attended the Cartoonists & Illustrator’s School–the College’s previous incarnation–in the early fifties. Then he worked at Marvel alongside the legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.
Lee-Kirby-Ditko cut a swath through the industry. The advent of the Fantastic Four, Amazing Spider-Man, the Hulk and Dr. Strange, plus character after character that live on today, had their their geneses in the minds of these three individuals. Without Lee’s scripting, Ditko’s characters may have ended up as harsh and unforgiving as his later work, but it was the tension between two successful styles that created the hybrid known as The Amazing Spider-Man. The voice is Lee’s but the look and feel of the nerd is Ditko’s. For more information, visit the Steve Ditko web site.

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