Alumni Society Reception: SVA Let Loose in the Whitney

May 24, 2002

On May 15 the Alumni Society of the School of Visual Arts honored the six former SVA students whose work is included in the 2002 Biennial Exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art. The artists are: Vera Lutter (MFA Photography and Related Media); Collier Schorr (Communication Arts); Jose Alvarez (BFA Fine Arts); Robert Lazzarini (BFA Fine Arts); Erwin Redl (MFA Computer Art); and Lorna Simpson (Photography). Lawrence Rinder, chief curator of the Whitney, is also a former SVA student.

A reception was held at the Whitney and invited guests got a rare opportunity to meet some of the artists and view the show free of crowds and other obstacles to enjoyment that sometimes befall the general public. This was certainly no public event–it was an A-list onslaught, a colloquy of heavy hitters who gathered on a perfect May night in one of the city’s art temples to honor their own. More than anything, it was a special opportunity for SVA to celebrate its success and revel in the impact its former students continue to make on the art world. It was an archetypal SVA party, illuminated by the sparks of art, industry and higher education rubbing together, where good will and stimulating conversation were never in short supply. Such soirees prove, again and again, that a good time is not a frivolous thing.

Photo by Brian Finke. L to r: Vera Lutter, Jose Alvarez, David Rhodes, Lawrence Rinder, Robert Lazzarini, Erwin Redl

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