Politics as (Un)Usual

April 19, 2002

Student government, that training ground for adult civic duty, was front and center this week at SVA as the Visual Arts Student Association (VASA) election was held and student leaders were chosen. Drum roll please: the incumbent party, government by Design (GBD) defeated the challenger, Gabbo. GBD is Rob Schnabel, president; Brandon Welti, vice president; and Brandon Fenning, treasurer. It was a contest whose drama and delirious interplay of will, hubris, and naked ambition made the November 2000 Bush/Gore showdown look like the election for Muncie dog catcher. In the end, the oddly named upstart was no match for GBD, whose year in office has netted real improvements for the students, including: benches outside some SVA buildings, mirrors in the bathrooms, improved public information throughout the College, and more. Congratulations to Government By Design, and may next year be as fruitful as this one.

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