Free Agents of Their Own Destiny

April 12, 2002

Peter Hay Halpert, who teaches the BFA Photography class “History of Contemporary Photography,” will highlight the work of five SVA students in the upcoming exhibition, Independent. The exhibition presents work created by these students while they participated in an intense independent study program. Through his gallery, Mr. Halpert wanted to give these students the opportunity to not only showcase artwork in a professional setting, but also experience the work needed to present an exhibition. Students learned about pricing, deadlines, promotion, and installation of the art. Independent will be on view at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, 515 East 72 Street (Suite 26D), from April 18 – May 7. The reception is April 18 from 6 to 8pm. For more information, visit

Image: Untitled-5 (Part of triptych); Artist: Hee Jung Kim

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