A Maven in the Midst: Chris Cyphers Publishes Groundbreaking Book

February 8, 2002

Chris Cyphers, SVA’s director of institutional research, just had his first book published, The National Civic Federation and the Making of a New Liberalism, 1900-1915 (Praeger Publishers). It’s a detailed study of the National Civic Federation (NCF), a non-governmental social and policy reform organization that emerged during the Progressive Era. Mr. Cyphers argues that the NCF stood for the preservation of the fundamental tenets of American liberalism. Renowned author and political columnist Joe Conason said this about the book: “To read Chris Cyphers’ penetrating account of the NCF is to be reminded of what history can reveal about our own times . . . For those who wish to understand the origins of what was called the American Century, this book is indispensable.” The book is available for purchase directly from the publisher’s Web site, www.greenwood.com, as well as from Amazon.com, BN.com (Barnes and Noble online), and by special order from any bookstore.

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