SVA Faculty in ‘Communication Arts Typography Annual 3’

February 25, 2013

Several SVA faculty members are featured in the recently released Communication Arts Typography Annual 3. For the fourth installment of her “Cooperative!” series for the publication, MFA Design for Social Innovation Department faculty member DK Holland writes about how conditions of change are often created by crisis, and points to SVA Acting Chairman Milton Glaser’s post-9/11 “I Love New York More Than Ever” campaign as an example of design that draws people into dialogue and helps create supportive communities. Subtitled “Torn between me and we,” Holland’s article also explores the success of cooperatives for resolve pressing social dilemmas through principles of altruism, fairness and community.

“Designers with a serious Helvetica habit could benefit from perusing New Modernist Type,” writes Ruth Hagopian in her review of the new book co-authored by MFA Design Department Co-chair Steven Heller and MFA Design Department faculty member Gail Anderson (BFA 1984 Graphic Design). Aside from examining the revival of modernism in a variety of san serif typefaces, Heller’s and Anderson’s book features 100 current designers who have brought forward modern principals through grid-based layouts, clean design and legible websites on everything from smartphones to tablets. “The most compelling work in New Modernist Type moves beyond homage and adds something fresh to the mix to transcend the historical style and look now,” writes Hagopian.

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